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The Brea Drillers All Net Program will be holding open practices at the Brea Junior High outdoor courts for CURRENT 5th & 6th GRADERS on the following dates and times:

Fri. April. 27, 7:00- 8:30 pm

Wed., May 2, 7:00- 8:30 pm

Fri.. May 11, 7:00- 8:30 pm

These will be more skills focused practices, to help players shake off rust after taking some time off following the winter season.  Any current 5th & 6th Grade players interested playing or learning more about All Net basketball are welcome to attend any one or more of these spring practices, as well as those players who just want to brush up on their skills, or shake off the spring rust from some well deserved time off.  Feel free to contact Coach Rob at with any questions, or to express interest even if you cannot attend these practices.




Congratulations to the following teams for winning their Division/Inter-City Championship this weekend:

Champion D-3 Boys  Brea Bulls  2nd place Brea Kings

Champion D-2 Boys YL Warriors  2nd place Brea Lakers

Champion   D-1 Boys YL Bulls- 2nd place Brea Lakers

Champion Copper Bracket D-3 Girls Brea Lakers

2nd Place Bronze Bracket D-3 Girls Brea Bruins

Great job Everyone!



D-5 All Stars

Opening Day Photo and Game Schedule 2017 B.O.H.S

2017-11-19 Photo Schedule
10:30 AM D-1 Lakers-Diaz D-3 Clippers-Haverland
10:40 AM D-1Tar Heels- Trejo D-2G Thunder-Amparo
10:30 AM
11:00 AM 1:00 PM Opening day
1:00 PM 7th Drillers-Schaap 5th Drillers-Tyson
1:10 PM D-5 Lakers-McGill D-2 Warriors- Taylor
1:20 PM D-3G Sparks-Jansen D-2 Bruins-Naylor
1:35 PM D-3G Bruins-Patel D-3G Lakers-McGill
1:50 PM D-2 Clippers-Altermatt D-2 Lakers-Sibrian
2:00 PM D-5 Bruins-Samuels D-5 Bulls-Dioquino
2:15 PM 3rd Drillers-Stabler D-5 Clippers-Humphries
2:30 PM D-5 Trojans-Vasquez D-5 Warriors-Reyes
2:45 PM D-4 Bruins-Jezin D-4 Bull Dogs King
03:00 PM D-3 Bulls-Rassmusson D-1 Spartans-Rollins
3:15 PM D-4 Lakers-Park D-4 Spurs- Gaspora
3:30 PM D-3 Kings-Barr D-3 Lakers-Arellano
3:45 PM D-3 Trojans-Volkert D-3 Thunder-Reyes
Game Schedule
2017-11-19 BOHS Main Gym
1:10 PM D-1 Lakers D-1 Spartans
2:20 PM D-2 Bruins D-2 Clippers
3:30 PM D-2 Lakers D-2 Warriors
4:40 PM D-3 Thunder D-3 Trojans
1:10 PM D-3 Kings D-3 Lakers
2:20 PM D-3G Bruins D-3G Lakers
3:30 PM D-3 Bulls D-3 Clippers
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